Bird and Wildlife Photography By Kent Downing


Here you will find my Bird and Wildlife images I have created from my various experiences to the natural world.

I really enjoy traveling to remote outdoor locations and witnessing the many aspects of the natural world, and particularly capturing those moments via digital photography, then later sharing my experience through the avenues of digital media with like-minded viewers such as yourself.

Thank you for viewing my site.

Photography has been a keen interest of mine since I was a child. I am (mostly) a self-taught photographer, although I did attend a few workshops back in the mid 2000’s with the introduction of the digital camera. And later on I participated in some guided bird photography tours that you will see.

I work and create with Canon Cameras and Lenses, Gitzo Tripods and Wimberley Support. Images are captured in RAW Format, and then cataloged and optimized on the computer with Adobe Creative Cloud-Light Room and Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy the images in my galleries. Please check back from time to time as I will be adding more Bird and Wildlife photography galleries, as well and refining images from prior trips.

And as always, if you have any questions or would like to contact me, please do so at the above Contact link.

Thanks for viewing my site and Cheers !

Kent Downing